“The Day the Reaper Came” Sirens Call Ezine, Issue #24: Lost Souls. Sirens Call Publications. December 2015. Page 8. (Flash Fiction: Dark Fantasy)

“After the Storm” Opal POV. Opal Publishing: December 2015. Page 13. (Micro Fiction: Noir)

“The Night of the Moonlit Curse” Midwinter 2015 (Anthology). Three Drops Press: December 2015. Page 31 (Flash Fiction: Horror/Fantasy/Fairytale)

“Ruby” Horror Addicts. Horror Addicts website: November 6 2015 (Flash Fiction: Horror/Fantasy)

“Bonded” Sirens Call Ezine, Issue #23: Bat Shit Crazy for You. Sirens Call Publications: November 2015. Page 59. (Flash Fiction: Horror/Fantasy)

“Of Quest and Valor” Opal POV. Opal Publishing: November 2015. Page 18. (Flash Fiction: Fantasy)

“Music Man” Amazon Kindle. Amazon Digital: September 2014. (Short Story: Drama)

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