Write Drunk, Edit Sober.

Calling all writers! I now offer professional editing services.

Since beginning this flash fiction site in 2015, I have gained access to a beautifully inspirational and ever-growing community of writers. If there’s one thing we all learn pretty quickly, it’s that the significance of the editing phase cannot be understated. Many of us have probably also realized that self-editing never really seems to do the trick. That’s because as the author of the work, we are most liable to let our brains auto-correct errors. There’s nothing like having a fresh set of eyes evaluate your work; and as scary as that sometimes seems, it’s a necessary evil!

So I have decided to put my editing training and experience to good use, by reaching out to all of my fellow writers. This service is not only for your blog posts or flash fiction – if you are a professional writer or looking to become one, you can send me manuscripts and documents of all lengths, genres, and subject matter. I am a certified technical writer, which means I am trained in the art of flexibility – I can tackle any subject, and any type of document, fiction or otherwise. I am also a member of Editors Canada.

Since each piece of work is a different challenge, my prices are not fixed. Please send me a query or quote request at shylafairfax[at]editors.ca, and visit my Righting Words page for more information.

Happy writing!


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