She cursed her own credulity, and followed him into the woods. She hadn’t always been so curious, so gullible – at least, she didn’t think so. He had changed her; opened her mind up to a new adventure. Besides, seeing is believing; and she had recently seen a thing or two she dare not repeat to strangers. What was one more for the list? Worst case scenario, she had fallen into an eternal sleep, and was dreaming herself up a new life… one where she could be anything; see anything; and know all.

Shyla Fairfax-Owen ©

A micro-fiction challenge for Seshata Literary Arts Society

3 thoughts on “Follow

    1. I agree. Micro fiction is an interesting concept; you get to practice stringing together a few lines of prose as elegantly as you can. I guess it will usually end up being a bit more like a prose poem than a story. Lots of fun though.


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